Insurance Claims Investigations


Insurance fraud is one of the most costly white collar crimes in America. Billions of dollars are paid each year in fraudulent insurance claims. Fraudulent claims are filed for arson, auto accidents, personal injury, product liability, lost/stolen goods, and workers compensation.  All types of insurance carriers are, home, health, life, business, and marine insurers. Even self-insured businesses fall prey to insurance fraud.

Progressive Protective Services, Inc. (PPSI), acting as an intemediary, can arrange for claims investigations to help insurers and businesses combat insurance fraud and save thousands of dollars. In fact, insurance companies can realize even further savings by outsourcing their Special Investigation Unit (SIU) function through PPSI.  PPSI will arrange for investigations using video equipment and high-resolution cameras, combined with "Starlight" technology to capture evidence of insurance fraud.


Why Outsource Through PPSI?

Outsourcing Could Be Your Wisest Decision

To capitalize on all the benefits that outsourcing your SIU function will achieve:

·     More Time for Core Competencies –   Free up resources for the core objectives of your business.  Let us focus on the investigations – you focus on achieving business goals.


·    Controlled Costs and Increased Efficiency – Much of the SIU budget goes towards employees’ salaries and benefits, car and equipment rentals, travel, and hotel accommodations. When you outsource through PPSI, these expenses are eliminated.


·    Reduce Your Risk – Avoid being sued or having your own employees file workers comp claims by having PPSI arrange the investigations through their network of experienced investigators.


·     Exposure to Expertise & Emerging Technology – Allow investigators practiced in the business to use their expertise, cutting-edge technology, and advanced equipment to conduct in-depth investigations.



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