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Due Diligence is the necessary review and analysis undertaken before entering into certain business transactions.  Due Diligence can expose areas of concern before they become issues for your company.  PPSI’s Due Diligence Services include:


·    Financial Review – We will review financial statements and give an objective opinion on the financial condition of a business prospect.


·    Licensing Verification – We will confirm that businesses or individuals hold current licenses.


·    Gathering of Business Information – We will gather relevant data on the business prospect to aid your decision making process.


·    Insurance Coverage Analysis – We will review insurance coverages and recommend whether you should pursue increased coverages.  A significant loss to an uninsured/underinsured business partner can adversely affect your own financial position.


·     Investigative Due Diligence – We will generate extensive background checks on key individuals involved in the business transaction.


     PPSI will assess the relevant information and identify critical warning flags.  We will provide the necessary level of due diligence and advise clients how to use our findings.


*Due Diligence Services are ideal for Insurance companies dealing with Program Administrators.



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