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  • Employment Screening
  • Tenant Screening
  • Business Screening


Screen Job Candidates

Employment Screening Services

Who Are You Really Hiring?

You will know when you contact PPSI...

PPSI assists all types of organizations in hiring the right people by taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.  PPSI provides you with a detailed history of a person's past before you make a hiring decision.

PPSI offers customized employment screening packages, meaning you select the type of background searches that are right for the candidate and position being considered.  All requests can be managed on-line, so it is easy to do business with us.  PPSI is the low-cost leader in providing employment screening services.  Following is a sampling of some of the reports we offer:

  • Criminal Convictions
  • Civil Judgments
  • Driving Record Reports (MVRs)
  • Parole & Probation Records 
  • Sexual Offender Indices
  • Credit Reports 
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Workers Comp Records

For your peace of mind...protect yourself, your business, and your employees.


*All reports require a properly signed release


Who Are You Renting To?

Tenant Screening Services

PPSI provides landlords with the tools to evaluate prospective commercial or residential tenants.  Tenant screening reduces property damage, improves long-term occupancy, decreases late payments, and reduces criminal activity.  Following are some of the reports you can choose from:


·      Credit Reports

·      Criminal Records

·      Civil Records

·      Employment Verifications

·      Landlord Verifications

·      Sexual Offender Indices

·      Residence History Checks




Secure a Business Profile

Business Screening Services

PPSI details businesses’ financial and legal histories.  PPSI offers insight into a second party’s financial stability whether it is needed for extending credit or entering into a contractual agreement.  Choose from the following reports:


·      Business Summaries

·      Business Profiles

·      Commercial IntelliScores

·      Nationwide Federal Bankruptcies

·      Nationwide Federal Civil Records




  • BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS - Pre-employment, civil or criminal. (See below for Individual and Corporation info.)
  • LABOR STRIKES - We deal with Labor Security concerns.
  • COMPUTERIZED INVESTIGATIONS - Computerized information from the public and private sectors provide you with fast, accurate information.
  • ASSET SEARCHES - Financial Records Available.
  • ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE - Detection & Counter Measures.
  • LOOKING for SOMEONE? - Find just about anyone.
  • POLYGRAPH TESTING - By professional examiners.
  • CIVIL & CRIMINAL TRIAL PREPARATION - The attorneys call us!
  • INSURANCE CLAIMS INVESTIGATION - Capture evidence of insurance fraud thereby reducing your liability.
  • SECURITY ANALYSIS - Arrange for an analysis of your property and installation of security cameras, alarms, etc.


Individual Background Searches

  • Assets Search
  • Bank Account Search – National/International  
  • Civil Records Check by County/Federal District   
  • Corporate Affiliations   
  • Criminal Conviction History
  • Driving Records   
  • Education Verification   
  • Employment Find - Basic/Advanced   
  • Phone Number Trace  
  • Phone Records: Cellular Calls/Long Distance/Local Area  
  • Post Office Box Traced to Address   
  • Professional License Verification   
  • Public Filings Scan - Bankruptcy, UCC, etc.  
  • Real Estate Ownership (not all states available)   
  • Worker's Compensation Records (not all states available)

Background Searches Involving Corporations


  • Bank Account Search - National/International   
  • Civil Records Check by County/Federal District  
  • Corporate Records by State   
  • Credit Check by Business Name   
  • Real Estate Ownership by County   
  • Real Estate Ownership by State (not all states available)
  • State UCC Filings 
  • Automobile Registration by V.I.N. or PLATE (all USA States)
  • Boat Registration by Hull #, Registration #, or Documented Name (not available in all areas)   
  • Aircraft Registration by Tail #, Registration #, or Name


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