Progressive Protective Services, Inc.

    Protecting Your Business is Our Business


Progressive Protective Services, Inc. (PPSI) offers a variety of professional business services including employment screening, tenant screening, business screening, claims investigation, and due diligence.  We arrange for investigations and background searches anywhere.  Whether your need is local or global in nature, PPSI is committed to providing superior service in a professional and timely manner.  Our focus is on delivering accurate, reliable, and cost effective solutions to our clients.


PPSI serves a wide array of clients such as international and regional insurance companies, regional and local banks, criminal and civil attorneys, retailers, manufacturers, employment agencies, nursing homes, hospitals, consumer groups, and more.  We also complete assignments for individual clients, particularly high net worth and/or highly visible individuals.  Client information is always kept confidential.


PPSI acts as an intermediary in the following areas:

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We live in a world today post-September 11th where everyone is re-evaluating their security measures and personal safety.  From airlines to ballparks, from schools to corporations, security has become a top priority.  Leaving your business to chance will no longer suffice.  Companies are taking proactive steps to ensure stability in their businesses.  Let the forward thinking people of Progressive Protective Services assist you in making your business, your workplace, and your employees more secure.  Contact us today!

Email:  investigations@ppsi1.net